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The ideal air-conditioning solution need not always be complicated, but efficient: our underfloor heating system.

Not everyone either wants or needs a floor heating system that can do everything, like our ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC. However, ClimaLevel is also the right solution for those who only want their heating system to heat, and only want a ‘normal’ underfloor heating system, as competent contact person.


Conventional underfloor heating systems, too, have many advantages and, as low-temperature heating systems, come close to the ideal for heating systems: the system is therefore best-suited to heat pumps and solar heat facilities, meaning that it is environmentally friendly, as well as economical.

This solution is extremely popular in building planning, as it leaves a lot of room for architecture and the creation of spaces. A further convincing argument in its favour is, naturally, the pleasant distribution of heat around buildings.

Not only will we deliver everything necessary for the installation of your floor heating system, but the fixed price also includes assembly.


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Underfloor heatingAssemble the underfloor heating yourself or let it be assembled.