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We could tell you a lot about ourselves now. Then again, we could also show you.

Naturally we are enthusiastic about and engaged in our products and services. And of course we are delighted that it’s not just us and that over time many, many customers have been convinced by what we offer.

So that you can, in the truest sense of the word, form a picture of our products and services, we would like to present some examples of our work with various architects, engineers and building contractors.

Should you have any queries about individual projects, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at +49 (0) 221 98880 300, or via E-Mail.

To see an enlarged view, simply click on the relevant picture or download our reference brochure here (only available in German language).

Our latest projects:


Yogalibre in Coblenz

Equipped with ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Probe metals refining in Boebingen

Equipped with ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.



New terminal building in Munich

Airport equipped with ClimaLevel underfloor heating.


Museum "Goldener Engel" in Baumholder

Equipped with ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.



Hotel Castle Montabaur - fresh air and ideal indoor climate

Event centre equipped with 1,600 qm ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC. Taking into operation: 2009. 

Here you will find detailed panorama pictures of both glass dome hall and event hall.



Picture: Grand meeting hall in Hotel Castle Montabaur (Copyright: Systemair GmbH)

Mansion in Wanroij (The Netherlands)

~ 550 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Ronald McDonald building in Tuebingen

~ 2,000 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Humboldt Palais in Berlin

~ 2,300 m2 ClimaLevel underfloor heating.


CCC in Cologne

~ 1,500 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Private residential building (The Netherlands)

~ 300 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Old pumping station in Haan

~ 2,500 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Mansion in Veghel (The Netherlands)

~ 500 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Family home with conservatory

Including ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Hotel Kameha Grand in Bonn

 ~ 3,000 m2 ClimaLevel underfloor heating.


Palais of the opera in Munich

Delivery and installation of ClimaLevel underfloor heating.


Mansion in Hardenberg (The Netherlands)

~ 600 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Pausa barrel hall in Moessingen

~ 2,500 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Centre for integrated medicine in Coblenz

~ 5,000 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Familiy home in Wuppertal

Delivery and installation of ClimaLevel underfloor heating.


Office building in Ravenstein (The Netherlands)

~ 800 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


Family home in Neuss

Realization with r2w architects from Neuss.


Mansion in Den Haag (The Netherlands)

~ 700 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.


High school in Frechen

~ 2,500 m2 ClimaLevel underfloor heating.


Pandion Vista in Cologne

~ 16,000 m2 ClimaLevel underfloor heating.


Knoblauch shopfitting in Markdorf

~ 1,500 m2 ClimaLevel multifloor HVAC.