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The ideal heating system for low supply temperatures and high demands on performance: the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC.

Nowadays no one can afford to waste energy. Energy is expensive - therefore, it is not surprising that, when planning buildings, care is taken to ensure that a high-quality insulation and an equally high-quality, not to mention variable, heating system is in place. But which heating system offers you the desired flexibility and performance?


The ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC allows you to heat your premises in a way that is particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly without foregoing a pleasant indoor climate. Our multifunctional heating system gives you this flexibility.

Thus the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC as heating or underfloor heating respectively is ideal for low supply temperatures and offers all the advantages of a conventional underfloor heating. For example this multifunctional system allows the reduction of the average room temperature because the perceived temperature is felt to be comfortable at an earlier point than when heating with radiators.

At the same time, the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC works as an extensive reheating register due to the hollow air-ducting sections within the floor. The fresh air supplied by the ventilation system streams directly past the heating pipes within the floor, is brought into the room through the air outlets and thus contributes to the heating power. Therefore, the average temperature can be kept at a particularly low level which is ideal for renewable heat generators such as heat pumps or solar heating. This way you can save energy while being sure of a comfortable room temperature.


For detailed, personal and non-binding consultation, please contact the ClimaLevel Energiesysteme GmbH team. We will be happy to assist you at any time and provide you with more information on the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC heating system.

We also look forward to welcoming you in our showroom in Cologne, where you can see for yourself the structure and performance of the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC.


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