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Functionality of the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC.

Being an evolution of a conventional underfloor heating the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC basically represents the final branch of the air supply of a conventional ventilation system. 

Upstream of the floor system is a common central ventilation system with fans for supply and exhaust air and ideally with heat recovery also.

First of all, the central ventilation unit ensures the filtration of the intake air. Afterwards the supply air flows into the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC through air ducts. 

Within the floor, the air is distributed to the so-called dynamic areas. This area consists of ClimaLevel cavity flooring elements in which the air is lead through a 40 mm high gap and is tempered by the overlying screed (so-called "thermal screed activation“). 

At the end of the system, the air is brought into the room silently and barely noticeable through special air outlets. Similar to common ventilation systems the exhaust air is collected through an exhaust duct grid and brought to the central ventilation unit for heat recovery.

ClimaLevel Multifloor HVACFunctionality and components of the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC