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10 reasons to choose the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC.

  1. Easier coordination in the construction process: with the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC, heating, cooling, ventilation and cabling are united in ONE flooring system.
  2. The ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC heats your premises as comfortably and economically as a floor heating system.
  3. The multifunctional floor, cooled using water, active building mass and air, ensures an optimal indoor climate with optimal regulation, and is therefore particularly economical.
  4. Heating with low temperatures and cooling with high temperatures ensures low operating costs.
  5. The large heat-conducting area permits the use of ground heat for heating and cooling.
  6. Air is largely supplied invisibly via the floor.
  7. Floor-based air discharges can be individually tailored and constructed according to building requirements.
  8. Cabling can be flexibly planned and adapted to all floor-level plug sockets.
  9. The ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC is extremely efficient: no other equipment is necessary to cope with peak-load performance.
  10. Low investment costs due to the use of standard building components, largely taken from the underfloor heating sector.