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One for all: Heating, cooling, ventilation and cabling with the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC

Why be complicated when it can be so easy? Why look for, assemble and pay for a variety of products and technologies for heating, cooling and ventilation in office and residential buildings when you can have all of these in one system and at less cost?


The ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC gives you an ideal and energy-saving combination of underfloor heating, ventilation and cooling system. However, our system can do a lot more than just heat, cool and ventilate, as you also have the space-saving option of placing data and power cables within the floor. You'll be hard-pushed to find greater creative freedom and energy efficiency at lower cost and organisational effort.

Put simply, the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC has all the advantages of a conventional hot water floor heating system and can be used for heating, as well as cooling.

In addition to a conventional underfloor heating system, however, this multifunctional floor system includes hollow air-ducting sections ("dynamic areas"), where air is temperature-adjusted as it is guided through the system and brought into the room through air outlets in front of the windows.

Thus the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC combines the advantages of the heat transfer medium "water" with the controlled supply of air and makes a normal ventilation system become a special ventilation system. Through the gentle surface heating and the enlarged heat exchange area the multifloor system creates an economic and comfortable room climatisation on 365 days of the year.


Increased performance, ideal indoor climate, more economical energy consumption in heating, cooling and ventilation plus the placing of your cabling - all this is contained in one single system: find out more about our system and the numerours options for your construction planning on our website or contact us personally via email oder telephone (+49 (0)221 98880 300).


In our Salon, ClimaLevel Energiesysteme GmbH’s showroom, you also have the option to experience the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC for real and see for yourself how our system can heat, cool and ventilate your premises. Arrange an appointment with us and drop by.


We also provide support with not only the planning, but also the assembly of the ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC. We will be happy to arrange this with you personally and look forward to hearing from you.


ClimaLevel Multifloor HVACThe functionality of our ClimaLevel® Multifloor HVAC presented in a short video.