vom 26.02.2018

SC Fortuna Cologne opens new junior center with underfloor heating by ClimaLevel

This week, the fans and friends of Fortuna Cologne have a double reason to celebrate, because on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the club, the new junior center of the S.C. Fortuna e.V. ceremoniously opens.
Not even two years after construction began in July 2016, a new modern three-storey building with training rooms, locker rooms with shower cabins and office space for the directors and coaches was built on 500 square meters. Underfloor heating by ClimaLevel provides a pleasant indoor climate and energy-efficient heating for the building.
Fortuna Köln has always attached great importance to the promotion of youth work and cares not only about the promotion of young talents in regional football, but also takes on social responsibility by offering young people the opportunities to develop talent, practice and last but not least personality. There are currently about 500 children and teenagers in 25 teams in the youth department.